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Dog and Cat Flaps Free Fitting! with all Double Glazed Sealed Units.

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Whilst the majority of ‘pet’ flaps are installed for use by cats, there are flaps available to cater for small / medium size dogs. WindowAce can instal your pet flap in either double glazing or upvc panels, and the type of flap will be dependant on how you want your pet to gain access through the door or window. WindowAce will fit these flaps for FREE when fitted into glass or upvc panels supplied by us.

Types of Pet Flaps

There are basically 3 types of flaps.

The most common is the basic 4 - way locking flap, where you can either have the flap fully open, fully closed, only letting in or only letting out. For this your pet does not need a collar or be electronically chipped, however you cannot dictate which pet comes through the flap! Basic price usually about £20.00 inc VAT

Secondly there is the magnetic cat flap, which works the same way as the 4-way locking flap, however your pet will need to wear a collar which carries the magnet, which ‘unlocks’ the flap allowing access. Basic price usually about £38.00 inc VAT

Thirdly there is the electronic ‘microchipped’ cat flap, which is activated by the microchip implanted in your pet thereby only allowing access to your pet. Most of these flaps will allow for more than one chipped pet to use the same flap. basic price usually about £80.00 inc VAT.

There are a number of suppliers who can provide these flaps and they can be purchased through most good pet shops. The most popular flaps that we fit are either manufactured by STAYWELL for the basic and magnetic types, or SUREFLAP for the Microchipped flap. If you would rather us supply them, no problem.

How much are the glass or upvc panels?

Ok so you have decided which pet flap is best for your pet, but where do you want it installed?

We fit flaps into upvc or aluminium framed doors that are double glazed, either with glass or a flat upvc panel.The most usual place for a flap to be fitted is in the back door, or occasionally the front door, which will either be a full length or a half length glass or upvc panel. However where this is not possible, or desirable, we can fit them into double glazed french doors or even sliding patio doors.

A full length upvc panel, including fitting is £160.00 inc VAT, or £100.00 inc VAT for a half panel, excluding the cost of your pet flap. For a double glazed glass panel you will need to measure the glass you can see (in millimetres) and call us for the glass unit price, making sure that you select toughened safety glass. This will give you the price for a normal double glazed unit, to which you must add £60.00 inc VAT to have the hole created and sealed, plus add the cost of your selected flap. Don’t forget we fit your pet flap for free when buying the panels from us.

OK in summary!

  • For a half upvc panel                             £150 + cost of the flap

  • For a full length upvc panel                 £190 + cost of the flap

  • For a double glazed unit          £ cost of the unit (see above) + £70 + cost of the flap

Call today for a free quote on 07951 234696 or just for advice!

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